Oscar De La Renta 1970’s…

Something’s  were just made to stand the test of time. Oscar De La Renta is one of those things for me. Every collector of timeless fashion should at least have one piece by this genius designer. Since the 1960’s his uniquely gorgeous designs have adorned some of the most glamorous people around the globe including style maven Jacqueline Kennedy.

This 1970’s Tweed and Gold Lame Dress Coat with Gold & Rhinestone buttons was the perfect choice for the elegant charity event hosted by Gateway to Cancer Research Foundation in Chicago. This garment can be worn as coat dress or simply as long coat over a dress or romper. On the red carpet or just making my rounds through the crowd, the compliments were plentiful. You know you made the right choice when a fellow blogger names you best dressed… Thank you Duffy Dossier again!

Oscar De La Renta Dress Coat
Shani James & Ceelo Green Attend Gateway for Cancer Charity Event

This piece was purchased in Chicago at Designer Chicago Resale. Please check out their amazing collection if your ever in the windy city!


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