Saks Fifth Ave. 1960

I wonder if Andrew Saks knew just how deep his business plan would go in treads of fashion history when he founded Saks Fifth Avenue in 1867. Saks unfortunately passed away in 1902, but his dream of creating a shoppers paradise has lived on for over a century. Becoming one of the first department stores to create an in-house label, Saks dominated over their competition for many years. Their designs were full of rich character, and timeless details.

For example this Sakes Fifth Avenue Romper was created in the 1960’s, and was sold out of the San Francisco location. A perfect trio. This romper was constructed using a heavy Gauze fabric, Gold & Silver Lame, with a touch of Velvet stenciling. With cufflink details on the wrist and ankles it’s the perfect pairing to the bell sleeves and legs. This piece embodies versatility, and should be considered a classic piece for any true vintage collector. I had a chance to wear it to a wedding, and to say the least it was a true adornment to beautiful bride and groom and was admired by many.

Today Saks is owned by Hudson’s Bay Company a Canadian based company that has continued to create everlasting fashion. In 2016, the company expanded by opening the first Saks Fifth Avenue in Toronto. I’ll definitely be paying the new location a visit on my next trip to Canada to see what they have in store for the future.

This wonderful piece was purchased at The Way We Wore located in Los Angeles, CA. Contact information below.

The Way We Wore, 334 S. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 Tel. (323) 937-0878

Photography By: Araya Diaz & Makeup By: Erika Diehl

Saks Fifth Ave 1960 Tag Pic

Photography By: Araya Diaz & Makeup By: Erika Diehl




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