Triple Long Chanel Clutch

What could possibly be more timeless and beautiful than a Classic Quilted Chanel Clutch…Well folks I found it! May I introduce to you my Vintage Quilted Chanel TRIPLE LONG Clutch (Circa 1990 Runway)? This piece of art is a true show stopper and guaranteed red carpet killer!

I always say when you find a gem like this its destiny. Within seconds of hitting doors of Entre Nous, one of my go to vintage houses in L.A.. I just about hit the floor when my eyes were drawn to the most unique item I’ve collected thus far. Before I could think twice, I yelled out “This is my bag…I’ll take it!” The only question was what special day deserved an adornment so exquisite.

Paired with my vintage 1920’s custom hand beaded gown that once resided in the closet of the one & only Queen Diana Ross, this combo was deadly! (Watch for this gown to be covered soon!) The annual Primary Wave Pre-Grammy Party was the perfect place to unveil this dynamic vintage duo. Needless to say from the moment we stepped on the carpet this clutch made quite the bang. It had all the ladies talking, and even some men…smile.

Remember when they are looking; give them something to talk about! Thank you Chanel!


dress form pic wolf
My 1980 Wolf Form

In The Beginning…


Long before the “assumingly perfect” acrylic   mannequins hit the scene, there were Dress Forms. Created in the 1800’s almost every piece of style history was crafted in the formation of one of these shapely models.

Dress forms are there from the moment the first stick pins hold the fabric in position until a garment is ready to be unveiled in all its splendor in a shop window. There is something timeless and elegant about a dress being presented on a form. The fabrics take shape and have a life of their own.

As a collector and appreciator of vintage fashion I suggest investing in one of these beautiful pieces of art. My favorite and personal choice is the Wolf Form. It has truly stood through the test of time, and continues to be the greatest supporter of vintage fashion.